Thursday, 29 September 2016

Day 2

I'm just keeping the titles simple. It is absolutely tipping it down outside. He's already gone to work. He argues why not? He feels fine. Plus keeping busy keeps your mind busy. Plus being self employed, we need the £££.

Anyway, I was trawling the Internet and I found an image on google images that most closely resembles what we saw on the computer screen. A less shocked me would have asked for a print.
Obviously it's not exactly the same but from my memory, out of the thousands of images you get when you google the words.

T2 left kidney renal cancer

This one is from

You can see the white arrow pointing to the large circular shape. That's what His looked like. Nothing like the normal small neat kidney shaped kidney on the other side. 

I got the T2 bit from my own research. They won't actually stage the cancer until it's been tested.
No biopsy. We are straight on the waiting list as a priority to get this thing removed. The posh word for this is a nephrectomy. Once it's out, they'll test it.

No idea when this will be. As The Smiths sang, How Soon Is Now. I wanted them to do it there and then. 

I'll talk about what led us here over the next few days. I'm off to ice some buns for my local Macmillan coffee morning. 

Day 2 -done

D day

Diagnosis Day

It was yesterday, our greatest fears were confirmed. My soul mate has got kidney cancer.

I dithered about starting this blog. It's all anonymous still ( apart from those who know of me and my other little nonsense blog ) and I think I want to document what is happening. Also I've been searching for blogs to read and maybe there's another like me out there who one day might search and get some help from here.

I plan on telling it like it is. No point in being squeamish. There'll probably be some tumour humour in there. A tactic I used with my best friend and her recent dealings with her late Mum's brain tumour.

Just not today. It's still not sunk in. It's all a bit surreal. I catch myself daydreaming and then think...did we really go sit in that little room, look at the fascinating CT scan images and be told the news that no one ever wants to hear?

On my other little blog I usually do a little sign off. I won't here.
I suppose this is Day 1 of it all
So Day 1 - done.