Friday, 11 November 2016


This morning He was told that they were confident that he was ALL CLEAR. They'd been pretty certain after the surgery that there was nothing sinister lurking but until the kidney had been sent away for testing they couldn't say. The kidney was the size of a small rugby ball. But the tumour was fully contained and hadn't reached or grown to/at the edges or on the surface. Out of all the RCC you can have and there are four I think, his is CC which stands for Clear Cell. The least aggressive and invasive of them all.

Unfortunately I couldn't take it all in as I woke up feeling really really sick and I was trying my best not to throw up on the Doctor's desk! But he was happy with how the scar was healing. He was certain that it was still very early days after such huge surgery to be having sites of pain near his drainage tube.

He can return to work AT THE VERY EARLIEST mid January and I think he was being very hesitant then due to the nature of his work. He can drive as soon as he feels able to perform an emergency stop without hesitation. He will have to have scans and blood tests for a few years yet. The first being in April 2017. But Mr Cutting was really pleased with the patient.
I was really pleased with Mr Cutting. I'm sure there's more I need to say but I will add details once we get the letter from today's consultation.

Till the next time....

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Appointment day

We go this morning to find out what's what. Neither of us want to go. I've found the Kidney Cancer UK forums really helpful. I think that even if we are told they got it all etc that I'll
not believe them.
Progress wise. After a week of antibiotics things seem to have settled although last night he said he felt a bit fluey again. So we are keeping a close eye on that. The open bit of wound is still under a dressing but not leaking so that's good. He's on no painkillers now in the day and only takes one at night if the sore bit near the drain site is still sore. Moving around n getting in n out of chairs is better than it was. He can now sleep on his side too. Hooray! He's fed up and bored of just being at home all day. I think he thought he'd be better a lot faster than this is taking. This is entirely normal and common in a lot of nephrectomy patients. Most report 4-8 months until they reach pre op standard but even then have twinges and bad days. Obviously some are faster and slower but that's an average I've see the most.
Thank you again for all your continued supportive messages. You are brilliant.

Till the next time....

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Over the last few days, progress has been minimal, as I said last post. The district nurse came today and after she'd finished telling me off for not ringing them when I'd been concerned, she said the wound was re opening along previously healed bits. The culprit was probably that iffy bit where the kin is kinda pleated, like a teeny flap overlapping. His side is swollen and tender and she rang to ask for the doctor to come and visit. She got the lovely student nurse to push some 'aquafibre' into the open but and cover with another of the comedy sized plasters.
He came over a bit queer then, full on sweating. He had to sit down. Jo, the nurse was lovely. She told him off for being brace. She could tell he's not had the news he wanted. And that he was gutted.
The doctor came an hour later.
Efficient but rude I thought.
She enquired as to the problem. She took his temperature. Raised. No shit Sherlock !
She ripped back the plaster - no warning!
Said 'ahhh yes, there's pus weeping' let's get some antibiotics for that.
You see, she went on, it's slow to heal because of the, and I'm not saying this to be rude, thick layer of fat that's not got a good blood supply.
Don't mince your words madam!!!
His side was SWOLLEN and he's not got that much fat there. Cheeky cow.
Anyway she prescribed flucoxicillan and some codeine to try as the tramadol is making him itch.

He was devastated as he'd built up this day to getting in the shower. Instead, he got sorted and we took a slow stroll in the Autumn sunshine to the chemist for his pills. Which by the way, is a right ball ache. To be taken on an empty stomach. An hour before food or two after. That's ok. But he's been non stop bloody eating machine!

So a set back. We"ll have to just keep on keeping on. Can't wait for this to be over.