Monday, 16 January 2017

A milestone I guess

Today he has gone back to work. It's mid January like the consultant said  but he's only going to take it easy. The heaviest things he's lifted are my Christmas boxes back up into the loft. He's gone with a flea in his ear about making sure he doesn't over do it.

Health wise; he still gets really bad stabbing pains just underneath the drain scar. He describes all sorts of sensations that we put down to nerve damage and sometimes his whole side just hurts even to brush against.
He had really bad NoroVirus in December that hung around for a good two weeks. He'd be fine for a day and then he'd be rushing to the toilet as his bowels attempted to expel his whole digestive system. Not pleasant and he felt like shit. ( pun wholly intended).

Then last night. Really bad, vicious nightsweats. I can't recall the last one he had. Maybe just before Christmas. Last night, the first time he woke was 2.30am absolutely dripping wet through. I can't impress how much I am not exaggerating. Literally dripping with sweat head to toe. He was soaked. The bedding was soaked. Horrible to touch. Pillow, sheet, mattress and quilt. He got dried and sorted. He fell back asleep only to be woken at 3.50am in exactly the same state. No idea why. He says he's not worried about going back to work. He's been looking forward to it. A bit like a caged tiger desperate for freedom. Though it's been so nice to have all the housework and laundry done when I get in from work. Alas, there's no way we can afford for him to be a stay at home dad!
Night sweats are worrying us both.

Last week he went for his blood test and onThursday he goes for his follow up scan - remember it was originally booked for April but I contacted our Macmillan Nurse full of angst ( mostly Night Sweats again )and they brought it forward.
My hysterical globulins is already back and my insomnia. The scan isn't even the hard bit. It's the holding of breath and holding on to hope for the follow up appointment yet to be arranged. It's a case of reality being back and there's nowhere to hide.

We'll soon see won't we. And you know what? Even if it's good news and they say yes he's definitely all clear - right now, I think I'll have trouble believing it.

Until next time ...


  1. Sorry to hear that you are anxious. I should not worry about the stabbing pains around his drain scar as you say it is probably nerve damage. Many years ago I had my gall. Bladder removed and those stabbing pains went on for more than a year on and off, I hope you soon have your mind set at ease regarding the night sweats. At least he will be sympathetic towards ladies suffering during the menopause! Xx

  2. It's a shadow, always there. Just on the edge as a reminder, even if you believe your good it never quite goes away

  3. Oh dear, I don't know what to say. Your worry is totally understandable. I hope the post-scan appointment is swiftly arranged and that you do get good news. Take care xxx

  4. Sorry it has taken me a few days to find your post.

    Can anyone tell you what might be causing the sweats? Hope returning to work has been OK.

  5. I've only just caught up with this. What a frightening experience for both of you. Hope the night sweats have disappeared and all is well.