Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Over the last few days, progress has been minimal, as I said last post. The district nurse came today and after she'd finished telling me off for not ringing them when I'd been concerned, she said the wound was re opening along previously healed bits. The culprit was probably that iffy bit where the kin is kinda pleated, like a teeny flap overlapping. His side is swollen and tender and she rang to ask for the doctor to come and visit. She got the lovely student nurse to push some 'aquafibre' into the open but and cover with another of the comedy sized plasters.
He came over a bit queer then, full on sweating. He had to sit down. Jo, the nurse was lovely. She told him off for being brace. She could tell he's not had the news he wanted. And that he was gutted.
The doctor came an hour later.
Efficient but rude I thought.
She enquired as to the problem. She took his temperature. Raised. No shit Sherlock !
She ripped back the plaster - no warning!
Said 'ahhh yes, there's pus weeping' let's get some antibiotics for that.
You see, she went on, it's slow to heal because of the, and I'm not saying this to be rude, thick layer of fat that's not got a good blood supply.
Don't mince your words madam!!!
His side was SWOLLEN and he's not got that much fat there. Cheeky cow.
Anyway she prescribed flucoxicillan and some codeine to try as the tramadol is making him itch.

He was devastated as he'd built up this day to getting in the shower. Instead, he got sorted and we took a slow stroll in the Autumn sunshine to the chemist for his pills. Which by the way, is a right ball ache. To be taken on an empty stomach. An hour before food or two after. That's ok. But he's been non stop bloody eating machine!

So a set back. We"ll have to just keep on keeping on. Can't wait for this to be over.


  1. Keep smiling, the set backs will come, but together you can do this.

  2. Bloody cheeky doctor and that's putting it politely , poor lad is starving he got to eat to heal ,I think the antibiotics are really diet pills , !! keep smiling rach your doing a great job looking after him Xx

  3. This will come to an end. He will get better, You will get back to normal. Honestly. Trust me.
    It may take a while and I hope to God it's not the 9 months that Col has had Out of Order but you WILL get there.
    Hope thats a good dose of positivity for you! ((HUGS))

  4. Almost everyone I hear of seems to get a wound infection nowadays. My husbands was in the wound at his navel and I diagnosed it by the pong! Major antiobiotics on an empty stomach with the usual diahorrea as a bonus. One thing I did insist that DH took was probiotics and the pharmacist in Boots advised the really strong ones. Thy are expensive but I think they are worth the money after the gut scouring antibiotics. Hope the wound will heal now and he can move about to regain his strength. You really have a great attitude to the whole process of tackling HG's illness and your humour never fails to amaze me. (It's how I cope with life too) Catriona

  5. At least now you know why the setback and have got help and meds to put it right. A setback, yes, but you did need to know. It would've got worse otherwise.
    Lots of hugs
    J x

  6. I agree - bloody rude, that doctor. And unkind to just rip off the plaster. Doesn't she think he's had enough pain without doing that? Cowbag! (that was my favourite swear word as a child. I saved it up for people who'd really annoyed me. This doctor sounds like she deserves it!)

    I hope that he goes from strength to strength now that he has the antibiotics. Keep feeding him up, Rachel - if only to annoy the doctor 😀

    Helen x

  7. Oops, forgot to sign off from my post I think!
    Helen x

  8. Aw does get you down hun the constant 'do you want something to eat?', 'do you want a drink?' and all the nursey bits too. I have felt like running away....don't worry I would have called in for you on the honestly it does get better. Obviously as traumatic as Andy's operation was to him it was nowhere near as traumatic as HG's but he is getting there and so will HG.
    Give him a hug from the Matron.......and you have one too.
    Love and Hugs-x-

  9. For every good soul out there in the medical profession there always seems to be one who cancels them out. I've always been of the mind it's not good to be too much of a skinny minny because if you're ill you've no reserves to draw on. Hope the antibiotics work and that HG starts to feel better. You will get there, it may take a little longer than you thought but the day will come. xx

  10. heck, sorry you've got to go through heavy duty antibiotics and infections on top of everything else. Also sorry I've been AWOL, had the good fortune to go away for a few days and taken me ages to catch up when we got back.

    Hope things improve quickly now and that you can think about going away some time in the future.

  11. We've found that, the doctors come across as harried and busy but the nursing staff were kind and considerate and you felt they really cared for for you as the patient as apposed to the doctors who saw you as another one one the list. Sending hugs and strength for both of you