Thursday, 10 November 2016

Appointment day

We go this morning to find out what's what. Neither of us want to go. I've found the Kidney Cancer UK forums really helpful. I think that even if we are told they got it all etc that I'll
not believe them.
Progress wise. After a week of antibiotics things seem to have settled although last night he said he felt a bit fluey again. So we are keeping a close eye on that. The open bit of wound is still under a dressing but not leaking so that's good. He's on no painkillers now in the day and only takes one at night if the sore bit near the drain site is still sore. Moving around n getting in n out of chairs is better than it was. He can now sleep on his side too. Hooray! He's fed up and bored of just being at home all day. I think he thought he'd be better a lot faster than this is taking. This is entirely normal and common in a lot of nephrectomy patients. Most report 4-8 months until they reach pre op standard but even then have twinges and bad days. Obviously some are faster and slower but that's an average I've see the most.
Thank you again for all your continued supportive messages. You are brilliant.

Till the next time....


  1. Sending strong and encouraging vibes to you both.
    J xxx

  2. Good to hear things are progressing along nicely even if it is a bit slow for the HG.
    I was very lucky after having kidney removed, felt well very quickly and everything healed easily. Probably because I was only 29 and mine wasn't cancer.
    Daughter had ovarian cancer and although they knew they had got it all in the one ovary she still had chemo, but kept working throughout most of the time. So don't worry, chemo is Nasty but if they say he needs it then go with it. It's not always bad.
    (Daughter is the one who has just had baby Florence!)

  3. Hope all is ok with the follow up appointment.

  4. Good to hear the patient is improving, albeit too slowly for his liking.
    Good luck with the appointment, keeping all fingers and toes, paws and claws crossed for you!

  5. I will be thinking of you and hoping for good news xxx

  6. Glad to her HG is feeling better, there is no rush for him to get back to normal, slow and sure is best way. Have a good weekend.