Wednesday, 12 October 2016

24 hours to go

Thank you for all the messages of support.

So, this morning we went back to the admission Ward for 10am. He had another blood test and we settled in for the wait. We went on a date - the hospital has a costafortune coffee shop so we had a gallon of latte. We watched mind numbing daytime tv and finally at 1.15pm we got the good news. His calcium levels were still within the normal range and  the operation will go ahead tomorrow.

I've got a giant lump in my throats and chest. It's a hysterical lump apparently. He is nervous beyond belief. We are just watching TV with our two grown up children dreading the night ahead.

We have to be on admissions at 7.15am. My Dad is taking us.

Till the next time...


  1. Lots of love and positive thoughts Rachel. I went for a walk this morning and was thinking of you all. I hope your 'children' are ok. X

  2. There is one good thing about there being so much cancer around( sounds daft I know) But doctors etc see so much that they are getting more and more experience of dealing with it.
    Do you get a cancer specialist nurse to support you through?
    I'm sending positive vibes by the ton.

  3. So glad the blood test results were good and that the operation will go ahead tomorrow. That's an early start, but I'd be glad it was. The sooner they start the sooner it will be over and then HG's recovery can begin. Love to you all. xx

  4. Sending very best wishes your way.

  5. Sending good wishes to all the family as you all embark on the road to a succesful recovery for your loved one. (((())))Catriona

  6. Hope all goes well and I will be thinking of you both.
    Best wishes