Friday, 21 October 2016

Discharged.....or not

Yesterday was Thursday 20th October. Or Day 7
The consultant came round at around 10am and uttered the magic words
"You can go home."

At 4pm, the nurse on the uro oncology team came and said...
"No, you can't."

Calcium level in blood is too low. So they were keeping him in to repeat the blood test in the morning.

Right now, it's 08.45 on Friday 21st Oct. his bloods have been taken.

So it was yet another roller coaster emotion ride day. I was at home waiting, getting the house close to District Nurse Visiting Standard, because she/he will come to the house to remove the staples. Not sure if they will do it in two halves. Because there are A LOT of staples. I bet his wound is close to 50cm. I might measure it when he comes home.
He was on the ward waiting, no one visited in the afternoon because we all thought he'd be home.

I have questions I'd have asked.
Why did they not take his bloods at 4pm last night?  ( answer prolly to get truer record due to time ) Then, treatment given if needed?
Why is the calcium so low now? How can we make sure it's not getting low at home? Was it fine the day after the op and is now starting to fall or is it getting higher just not fast enough?? Was it the litre of blood lost in op then because of the extra bloods and fluids list from the drain, coupled with his non eating due to trapped wind?

In a way it's good that they've identified this and didn't send him home to go through the rigmarole of going out today to sit n wait.

If everyone can please cross their fingers and send high calcium thoughts ...

Till the next time.


  1. Sending high calcium thoughts Rachel. Much love. X

  2. Everything crossed for a return home today. Calcium thoughts zooming HG's way. Catriona

  3. Sending calcium wishes your way!

  4. Will send high Calcium thoughts your way if you can send high platelet vibes down here !!

  5. High calcium thoughts winging their way over to you. And my fingers are also crossed. Which means I can't crochet, so if he could come home soon that would be great :) xx

  6. Lots of milk , cheese , yogurts and fancy tubs of ice cream for HG, hope you have fun looking after him !!!! I am sure he will be a model patient for you , and here if you need anything at all especially the spa break xx

  7. Sending calcium levels rise vibes Rachel, hope he's back in your clutches soon.

  8. Hope calcium levels are now behaving, and that next post your man is home PennyLx

  9. I missed this yesterday but just in case one can retrospectively cross fingers and send high calcium thoughts, I'm doing it.
    J x

  10. Sending healing thoughts. As a District Nurse please don't worry about cleanliness standards!! I've seen some sights......... 😳 and I'm certain your home wouldn't feature in our lunchtime discussions of where we've visited! I would imagine they will remove alternate staples first then return to do the others a couple of days later. But never underestimate the body's ability to heal itself. Rachel xxxx

  11. Glad to have read that your patient is home Rachel.
    Hope everything is going well for you both.
    Love and Hugs-x-